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Community Development > KP Scholars Program

KP Scholars Program

The power of people exists not just in the work they do, but also in their potential to do great things. Recognizing this potential, The Digital Network Group created the Kinetic Potential™ Scholars Program, a long-term mentoring and development program with three primary objectives for its scholars:

  • Vision: We help program scholars develop individual career plans and a roadmap that highlights interim milestones in support of career goals. Exposure to diverse career paths ensures that our Kinetic Potential™ scholars have a limitless vision of what they can do.

  • Transform: We help maintain the clarity of scholars’ visions and goals by continuously assessing their needs and progress. To keep scholars on track, we align resources that support on-going development in three dimensions: academically, professionally and socially.

  • Achieve: Achievement is the culmination of years of focused energy towards scholars’ specific milestones. KP Scholars are able to work autonomously and have developed a network of contacts and the capability to effectively leverage.

The KP Scholars Program distinctly differs from the many other mentoring programs in existence today in three primary ways:

The Program Timeline
Through the synthesis of traditional modes of mentorship, character building, and professional guidance, the KP Scholars Program aims to provide mentorship over the three major phases of an individual’s life: Pre-College (14-18), College (18-22) and Post-College (22-26). We want to serve as an advisor for program participants throughout the time horizon of child to young adult —advocating for the scholar’s participation in educational, professional, and interpersonal skill building programs.

A New Approach to Nonprofit Resources
The second element that distinguishes the KP Scholars Program is the focus on integrating existing nonprofit resources into a more comprehensive value chain. Today, most nonprofits function as stove pipes with their efforts exclusively focused on one stage of an adolescent’s development. By creating career paths that map nonprofits into an integrated solution across the three major phases of an individual’s life, we improve the likelihood of a successful outcome--the development of a strong citizen and professional with the skills and abilities required for sustainable growth.

Measurable Progress. Manageable Results.
The third element, and arguably the most important, is the data-driven approach that enables the successful execution of a large-scale mentorship program customized to individual development plans. Using a CRM approach and viewing KP Scholars as our customers, we manage our scholars throughout their development phases. Maintaining accurate scholar data will allow us to provide accurate feedback on program success and make required changes to career paths based upon real outcomes.

A Fresh Outlook on Harnessing Potential
Achievement is the summation of small successes and tiny triumphs over time. The need for effective advocacy and involvement in enrichment programs during the most crucial years of an individual represents a unique opportunity to improve life chances. The KP Scholars Programs is using this opportunity to help young people realize their potential and witness powerful results. Click here for more details on the four principles of the KP Scholar Program.


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