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At Digital Network Group,

our belief in technology, network solutions, and people reflect our belief in the future--the possibilities are boundless when you have innovation@work. We ask the question: How can we apply technology in unique ways to solve both business and social problems? And we answer by serving as a pillar within the local community. We are committed to investing our resources and talents and collaborating with stakeholders to catalyze economic growth and prosperity. We encourage our employees and the people we serve to not only "think outside the box" but to transform the box - creating innovation@work.


The increased utilization of technology in business and society has transformed the skills required for the 21st century workforce and our current systems for developing this talent is failing to meet growing demand. The ability of our nation, and of our citizens, to thrive rests on our ability to transform our education and workforce systems with the same rigor and best practices that is fueling the private sector. The application of technology, the efficiency of network solutions and the power of people are the ingredients to success.



Partnerships are critical to the success of any business; integral to improvements in the economy; and instrumental in mobilizing communities to become more self-sufficient. There are many entities working in communities with the greatest needs; however, they often work in isolation with few results. Additionally, there is little continuity of support. The Digital Network Group (DNG) established a community stakeholder model to enhance collaboration among multiple community partners and minimize the fragmentation of services to the same population. In this current economy, partnership engagement and collaboration are cost-effective techniques that will ensure that community development has a long-lasting impact and can contribute to the growth of people resources in the community, which will have a greater impact on the future economy.

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The community stakeholder model allows organizations to collaborate in a very structured manner on the common objective of producing talent for employers. This demand-driven system is customized to deliver talent with the skills required for the positions available today and into the future. Based upon the principles of supply-chain theory this approach is specifically designed to address talent supply-demand misalighment.

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