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At Digital Network Group, we believe the lives of our employees and communities are enriched when we apply our collective talents to improving the lives of others. As a corporate entity within the local community, DNG wants to share its knowledge and capabilities to create social value for the citizens of that community. The mission of Digital Network Community Development Corporation is to identify and develop innovative applications for information technology that create social value for local communities and disseminate this information broadly.

To achieve this objective, we conduct research to establish the return on investment for technology initiatives in the nonprofit sector and develop service programs that demonstrate how information technology can improve outcomes.

We work with many of the brightest minds in the government, academic, nonprofit and corporate sectors to focus on creating social value through the application of information technology. Our Community Alliance Network is a collection of diverse resources that collectively contribute to the work of our Community Development Corporation. This collaboration allows DNG to bring ideas to scale and accelerate solutions to the most pressing challenges for local communities. The community alliance prioritizes initiatives, develops strategies on how community problems can be solved and aligns resources focused on implementation and adoption of the proposed strategies.

click here to watch how our program is already helping young adults achieve their Kinetic Potential.

If you are interested in how you can be involved or support the Digital Network Community Development Corporation, please complete the following form.

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